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Remember to pet your Velociraptor every day

So much velociraptor hate

Posted on February 3 2013 by velociraptor in fill in the blank, i hate it when

There are obviously a lot of people who have become sceptical with the whole velociraptor craze that is going on. Are they safe? Will they eat my children? Will it take over the remote control for the tv? Will it throw me out of my house?

We know people who are very happy with their pet velociraptor, but we are also hearing about lots of people who have had bad experiences with them. The hate and animosity is increasing by the day. 

On the website Fitblanks.com there is a fill in the blank question where the hate just keeps hating. People are saying horrendous things:

- I hate it when a velociraptor rapes my a** with a pineapple.

- I hate it when a velociraptor gives me that hungry im-going-to-eat-you look

This is of great concern. It´s a total waste of good pineapple.

If you have any experiences or hate you want to share you can fill in the blank below:




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