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Remember to pet your Velociraptor every day

Why do velociraptors mate?

Posted on February 3 2013 by velociraptor in mating, sheep farming

We got a question from Timmy who is 5 years old and lives with his Grandparents because his parents were killed in a car accident after a velociraptor had mistaken their brown 1999 Toyota Corolla for a female velociraptor in heat.

1) Why do velociraptors mate?

Thank you for your question Timmy. A lot can be said about velociraptors and one of them is that they can get very sexually excited when they see a female in heat. What happens is the male gets a tinckling feeling in his private parts and that makes him want to do naughty stuff. He could go with the neighborhood labrador but it is most common to mate with your own species. Except sheep-herding velociraptors, they will actually do it with the sheep they are protecting. It is believed they accrued this behaviour by observing its masters, the sheep farmers themselves.

You can read more about velociraptors on Wikipedia, they have great information there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velociraptor.

Hope that answered your question Timmy.

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