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Remember to pet your Velociraptor every day

How much does a velociraptor cost?

Posted on February 3 2013 by velociraptor in ebay, breeders, velociraptor, cost

A velociraptor sure is an upgrade from your boring cute furry pets. Sure you can get som aaaawwws on Instagram, but if you want to have a little excitement in your life then you should trade in your puppy or kitten for the next step in pet evolution.

If you own a velociraptor it will give you so much more than any of the traditional pets can give you.

- You will always be on your toes with the adrenelin pumping

- You will always have a set of sharp scissors at your very calling (claws/teeth)

- You never know when you are going to have steak or be the steak

It really is a new form of living. So we can recommend it to anyone.

So how much does a velociraptor cost? Well, you can go down your local velociraptor shelter and pick up an abandoned one. They will need to be house trained though.

Or you can go on ebay where there are lots of great deals from reputable velociraptor breeders. You are looking at approx. $150-400 for a baby velociraptor. Laws has it that the young one has to stay with its mother for the first 12 weeks, but after that you are good to go. Be aware though, that when you take it from its mother, she will spend her whole life looking for it. So try to get one out of state because velociraptors have the scent of a bloodhound and you do not want it to find you.

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