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Remember to pet your Velociraptor every day

Were velociraptors gay too?

Posted on March 30 2013 by Velociraptor

The last few days you might have seen a red equal sign on your friends Twitter and Facebook pages. Well, its all about the gay rights of marriage, which everyone should support because we live in a free country and if you can´t do what you want then you are living under a repressive rule. No one wants that.

Looking back 65 million years to the age og velociraptors and dinosaurs the question of gay velociraptors begs to be answered. Did they do it with their own gender and where they OK with it?

The truth may just have been revealed in a excavation deep in the Colombian jungle where velciraptors where known to reside. 30 feet in the ditch scientists have uncovered a grave of a family of velociraptors. Two adults and two young ones. The interesting part is that the adults are two males and they are laying there in a loving spooning position. This goes to show that at the time of their immediate meteoric death, the two male lovers held each other in comfort and embrace. They were gay velociraptors and the young ones where very likely adopted from the rough forrests where their Mother had been eaten by a T-rex.

If velociraptors can embrace the true love of same gender then so should humans and therefore make your voice heard of same gender marriage.

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