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Meteor Didn´t Destroy Us

Posted on March 11 2013 by Velociraptor

It was a close call and sure did bring back some memories from 65 million years ago. But it didn´t get us. Ha! Better luck next time.

So a few weeks ago a meteor from out of space flew into the earths atmosphere and exploded in the sky over Chelyabinsk, somewhere in middle Russia. The meteor was estimated to be approx. 10-15 minutes in diameter and to weigh more than 10.000 tons.

The roaring thunder and blast from the equivalent of 1000 nuclear bombs did make a shitload of Russians look up from their bottomless Vodka for a few secs, but they didn´t really care. And they didn´t have to worry because no one died but 1500 people did get various injuries mainly from glass from the blown in windows caused by the soundblast.

But Dear Human Beings, Holy Saurus were you lucky. If the meteor had come in at another angle, then a whole Russian town could have been wiped clean from the map. If it had landed directly into fx. Manhatten say good bye to Sex In The City. Carrie would have to ride her horse out West.

Maybe you were not around, but my ancestors sure were, and it was a big meteor that made us Velociraptors and Dinosaurs extinct. So consider yourselves lucky this time, because you never know, out in space somewhere a huge block of rock and metal could be on a path to destroy the life you love so much.

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