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Remember to pet your Velociraptor every day

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  • Meteor Didn´t Destroy Us

    11 March 2013

    It was a close call and sure did bring back some memories from 65 million years ago. But it didn´t get us. Ha! Better luck next time. So a few weeks ago a meteor from out of space flew into the earths atmosphere and exploded in the sky over Chelyabinsk,...

  • Were velociraptors gay too?

    30 March 2013

    The last few days you might have seen a red equal sign on your friends Twitter and Facebook pages. Well, its all about the gay rights of marriage, which everyone should support because we live in a free country and if you can´t do what you want then you...

  • So much velociraptor hate

    03 February 2013 ( #fill in the blank, #i hate it when )

    There are obviously a lot of people who have become sceptical with the whole velociraptor craze that is going on. Are they safe? Will they eat my children? Will it take over the remote control for the tv? Will it throw me out of my house? We know people...

  • How to pick up a velociraptor

    29 November 2014

    So how do you pick up a velociraptor? And by picking up, I don´t literally mean picking up a velociraptor from the ground to cuddle with it like its a cute little kitten. So don´t do that. Unless you want to be lunch. Velociraptors are definitely DTF....

  • How much does a velociraptor cost?

    03 February 2013 ( #ebay, #breeders, #velociraptor, #cost )

    A velociraptor sure is an upgrade from your boring cute furry pets. Sure you can get som aaaawwws on Instagram, but if you want to have a little excitement in your life then you should trade in your puppy or kitten for the next step in pet evolution....

  • Why do velociraptors mate?

    03 February 2013 ( #mating, #sheep farming )

    We got a question from Timmy who is 5 years old and lives with his Grandparents because his parents were killed in a car accident after a velociraptor had mistaken their brown 1999 Toyota Corolla for a female velociraptor in heat. 1) Why do velociraptors...

  • Velociraptor escapes

    03 February 2013

    Maybe you should stay indoors today if you are living in downtown LA. A highly emotional velociraptor has escaped after coming on bad terms with its owner and eaten him. The quarrel apparently happened while they were playing Monopoly and the owner tried...

  • Paris Hilton seen with Velociraptor

    03 February 2013 ( #paris hilton, #velociraptor, #paparazzi, #chihuahua )

    So this just in. Paris Hilton has replaced her Chihuahua with a new pet Velociraptor. Word on the street is that her new Velociraptor named Pinky couldn´t resist the taste and munched it in one bite. You would think that with all the paparazzi that follows...

  • Velociraptors are back!

    03 February 2013

    The days of owning a cute dog or cat are not over but a new trend is emerging which inevitably will lead to the little furry ones to take the backseat for being the favorite household pet. It all started with Jurassic Park. Inspired by the fictional 90´s...