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Remember to pet your Velociraptor every day

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How much does a velociraptor cost?

Posted on February 3 2013 by velociraptor in ebay, breeders, velociraptor, cost

A velociraptor sure is an upgrade from your boring cute furry pets. Sure you can get som aaaawwws on Instagram, but if you want to have a little excitement in your life then you should trade in your puppy or kitten for the next step in pet evolution....

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Paris Hilton seen with Velociraptor

Posted on February 3 2013 by velociraptor in paris hilton, velociraptor, paparazzi, chihuahua

So this just in. Paris Hilton has replaced her Chihuahua with a new pet Velociraptor. Word on the street is that her new Velociraptor named Pinky couldn´t resist the taste and munched it in one bite. You would think that with all the paparazzi that follows...

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